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The multitude of connected devices and the growing complexity of Wi-Fi applications is straining the medium beyond its traditional capabilities. Customers expect an ever-expanding array of services from their high-speed Internet connection, including downloading media-rich data, streaming 4K video and utilizing smart apps to efficiently connect and control myriad systems (AC, lighting and more) throughout the home or office facility -- all with seamless bandwidth allocation across spaces with difficult line of sight challenges. Beyond the expectations for flawless connectivity performance, customers are also looking for solutions that can help them track the movement of people and objects throughout their premises, identify sudden changes in behavior that may indicate a security breach, a fall of a child or elderly person and more. 
Celeno's state-of-the-art, integrated Wi-Fi Chips, edge software and cloud technology deliver a superior Wi-Fi experience while adding a new layer of groundbreaking enabling technology for non-intrusive imaging of events and objects.


Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging

High-resolution RF imaging that detects, depicts and tracks the motion, behavior and location of people and objects.

Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging

Celeno’s Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging is a breakthrough technology in object detection and event recognition. The specialized Wi-Fi silicon chip seamlessly double-functions, providing both state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and full duplex doppler imaging operation. Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging accurately identifies, tracks and classifies the location and movement of people, pets and objects across homes, office spaces and public facilities - without requiring line-of-sight.  It collects doppler and micro-doppler signatures of moving objects in fine resolution and uses advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms to accurately classify human postures and gestures, enabling myriad determinations and timely analytics, including: the classification of body postures, motions, gait and gestures; fall and breathing detection; people counting; and differentiation between adults, children, pets and objects.


Based on standard Wi-Fi packets and RF characteristics, Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging operates in the 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum (and in the future 6GHz spectrum). Unlike other costly radar solutions, the Wi-Fi -based technology enables solution providers to deliver differentiated, “see-through-walls” event recognition services to their customers - without requiring the deployment of additional dedicated infrastructure or intrusive cameras.

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This demo demonstrates the technical capabilities of the Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging. We have set up a single Wi-Fi access point with four antennas, located in view of the camera.
We are showing object detection and location tracking as portrayed on the tracking GUI on the left-hand side. In addition, the technology analyzes complex body motions and classify body postures. The right-hand side shows where the Doppler spectrogram are captured and the classifier output is displayed.



The right MIMO configuration, when and where you need it.

Celeno’s ElasticMIMO™ combines disruptive silicon architecture (available in the CL8000 product family) and optimization engine to dynamically allocate a 8T8R radio chains bank between the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and in the future 6GHz bands, as and when appropriate, to ensure the best user experience.

The dynamic allocation is driven by self-learning the actual Wi-Fi usage patterns, allowing the Wi-Fi Access Point to self-adapt accordingly, resulting in an elastic MIMO configuration that ranges from 2x2 to 6x6 per Wi-Fi band as and when needed. This is as opposed to conventional systems, hard-wired when shipped. This dynamic allocation delivers up to two times higher Wi-Fi network performance in a typical home environment compared to a conventional, rigid 4x4 (2.4GHz) + 4x4 (5GHz) MIMO configuration. The solution addresses the #1 challenge for Wi-Fi – delivering high-quality experience anywhere, anytime and on any device based on real Wi-Fi usage patterns.

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and discover how ElasticMIMO dynamically adapts the MIMO system allocation between bands, when and where you need them.

image/svg+xml Rigid MIMO (Conventional WiFi) ElasticMIMOTM (Celeno's WiFi) HWRangeLimit 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2X2 3X3 4X4 5X5 6X6 5GHz 5GHz 2X2 3X3 4X4 5X5 6X6 ElasticMIMOTM


High-performance silicon with above standard features in a cost-effective small form-factor package, improving Wi-Fi efficiency, performance and coverage


Argus is Celeno’s in-silicon RF and DSP-based spectrum analyzer and intelligence engine. This engine seamlessly scans the spectrum and enables longer periods of characterizations of all the channels. In turn, these valuable insights can be fed to and used by RRM (Radio Resource Management), power true Zero-Wait DFS and enable dynamic channel change which adaptively chooses the least crowded or best channel for the device without interrupting service, thus maximizing system performance in dense and interfered environments.

Smart Antenna Steering (SAS)

Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) algorithms enhance performance and coverage in different environments and at different ranges, both horizontally and vertically. The algorithms constantly triangulate the spatial location and position of each client device and selects the best antenna set ensuring that the Wi-Fi radio waves are best focused in space on each client.

Edge Software

Edge software to enable a managed solution for single and/or multi-Access Point Wi-Fi
networks, optimizing network performance and capacity.


OptimizAIR™ enables the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi resources per multiple virtual networks (SSID) per service, per device and per traffic direction all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point. It allows various applications to be served simultaneously over Wi-Fi with different enforced priority and capacity.
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ControlAIR™ is smart multi-AP Wi-Fi controller software that enables multiple smart Wi-Fi access points, repeaters, extenders, IoT hubs and gateways to be deployed in harmonious and synchronized co-existence. ControlAIR enables intelligent network behavior such as client handover and load balancing between Wi-Fi cells, client steering, spectrum management, and more.

Cloud Analytics & Control

Cloud software for multi-network self-optimization, delivering full system
visibility, analytics, alerts, and automated control.


Cloud Analytics & Control enables a monitoring, data logging, analytics and reporting platform for large scale Wi-Fi networks, providing visibility on network, AP and device health over time. The cloud platform analyzes the data and optimizes the system configuration accordingly. When sub-optimal conditions that cannot be autonomously resolved are identified, the system triggers intelligent alerts for predictive fault prevention and proactive maintenance.
wifi 6E

Wi-Fi 6 / 6E

Celeno is a pioneer and innovative leader in introducing hardware and software technology that supports 802.11ax technology, now referred to as “Wi-Fi 6” and supporting the new 6GHz extension referred to as “6E”.

Wi-Fi 6 Silicon

Celeno offers a range of high-performing, highly integrated Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) single PCIe chips that deliver the best Wi-Fi network performance for their size by combining two Wi-Fi 6 radios into a single 11x11mm PCIe chip. The chips employ two concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6 radios with ElasticMIMO™ and  Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging.


Advanced 6E Capabilities

Leveraging its dual-transceiver architecture, the CL8000 Wi-Fi 6E product series enables true concurrent operation of two independent channels in the wide 6GHz spectrum with high utilization of the 6 GHz band for the most bandwidth intensive applications. 
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