Cloud Analytics
& Control

Leveraging Wi-Fi smarts perfected in the home environment, Celeno offers advanced Wi-Fi chipsets, edge software and cloud technology to take Wi-Fi beyond connectivity into the realm of smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings and smart industry. In IoT device-proliferated environments, Celeno fulfills the promise of a hyper-connected world and expands horizons for data-driven services.


High-performance silicon with above standard features in a cost-effective small form-factor package, improving Wi-Fi efficiency, performance and coverage


Argus is Celeno’s in-silicon RF and DSP-based spectrum analyzer and intelligence engine. This engine seamlessly scans the spectrum and enables longer periods of characterizations of all the channels. In turn, these valuable insights can be fed to and used by RRM (Radio Resource Management), power true Zero-Wait DFS and enable dynamic channel change which adaptively chooses the least crowded or best channel for the device without interrupting service, thus maximizing system performance in dense and interfered environments.

Smart Antenna Steering (SAS)

Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) algorithms enhance performance and coverage in different environments and at different ranges, both horizontally and vertically. The algorithms constantly triangulate the spatial location and position of each client device and selects the best antenna set ensuring that the Wi-Fi radio waves are best focused in space on each client.

Edge Software

Edge software to enable a managed solution for single and/or multi-Access Point Wi-Fi
networks, optimizing network performance and capacity.


OptimizAIR™ enables the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi resources per multiple virtual networks (SSID) per service, per device and per traffic direction all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point. It allows various applications to be served simultaneously over Wi-Fi with different enforced priority and capacity.


ControlAIR™ is smart multi-AP Wi-Fi controller software that enables multiple smart Wi-Fi access points, repeaters, extenders, IoT hubs and gateways to be deployed in harmonious and synchronized co-existence. ControlAIR enables intelligent network behavior such as client handover and load balancing between Wi-Fi cells, client steering, spectrum management, and more.

Cloud Analytics & Control

Cloud software for multi-network self-optimization, delivering full system
visibility, analytics, alerts, and automated control.

Hybrid SON

Cloud Analytics & Control enables a monitoring, data logging, analytics and reporting platform for large scale Wi-Fi networks, providing visibility on network, AP and device health over time. The cloud platform analyzes the data and optimizes the system configuration accordingly. When sub-optimal conditions that cannot be autonomously resolved are identified, the system triggers intelligent alerts for predictive fault prevention and proactive maintenance.