Industry 4.0

Commonly referred to as Industrial IoT - factories, plants, and warehouses use Wi-Fi communications, IoT analytics, and automation to bring manufacturing to a new era of agility and productivity. Industrial environments characterized by harsh physical conditions and signal interference would find Celeno’s Wi-Fi technologies as the best solution for delivering not just robust and stable connectivity throughout the facility, but also enable new IoT services such as predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and geo-fencing.



Frictionless Connectivity

Provide stable whole-facility Wi-Fi coverage while insuring prioritized Wi-Fi service to mission critical systems and processes. Our Silicon and software technologies reduce interference factors typical of industrial networks, and improve overall network coverage and capacity with mesh networking and client steering software.


Machine & Process Utilization

Enable wireless remote monitoring, analytics, and alerting on equipment and facility infrastructure, thus enabling Industrial IoT use cases such as predictive maintenance and asset tracking. Celeno Wi-Fi technologies also provide network automation via automatic self-adaptation of network access points to desired system profiles such as mission-critical operation or energy efficiency.
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Data security is one of the biggest concerns surrounding wireless connectivity in Industry 4.0. Celeno’s disrtuptive physical-layer security technology provides Wi-Fi signal shielding, preventing malicious interception of communication signals between access points and wirelessly connected machines.


Facility Security & Safety

Integrating Celeno’s technologies in facility machines can enable virtual geo-fencing, alerting facility managers on fence-breach and auto-triggering emergency action as needed to prevent accidents. Integrating Celeno’s technologies in security cameras enables wireless HD surveillance video streaming without interrupting mission-critical Wi-Fi service to machines.

Transparency & Efficiency

Identifying and locating work pieces and machines during and after the production process is critical in Industry 4.0. Celeno’s technology provides control and management capabilities required to implement location-based services and asset tracking.



Industrial equipment manufacturers and integrators can use our smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions in:

  • Networking equipment
  • Industrial gateways
  • Security and access control equipment
  • Asset tracking devices

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