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In our era of consumer device proliferation, Wi-Fi access technology resides not just within home routers and range extenders, but also within smart TVs, speakers, home security systems and more. With multiple wirelessly connected devices, the performance bottleneck of Wi-Fi networks has shifted from peak speed to overall network performance, coverage and manageability. Celeno fulfills the promise of a hyper-connected world with Wi-Fi chipsets and software technology that maximize system coverage, capacity and overall performance  in dense and highly interfered environments.




Celeno's high performance silicon delivers features above and beyond the IEEE Wi-Fi standards to ensure exceptional and stable Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) in dense environments. Our innovative technologies maximize performance leveraging inherent silicon and software technologies, enabling intelligent network behavior with enforced priority and capacity.



Reliable, consistent whole home coverage is one of the biggest end-user experience pain points. Celeno's technologies combine access point coverage with home mesh-networking and client steering software to enable whole home coverage like no other. 

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Celeno technologies bring premium and reliable wireless connectivity to a wide range of home devices. Our technologies enable Wi-Fi capacity management per device, per service and more. Coupled with our cloud software for multi-network performance management, Celeno helps home Wi-Fi networks operate stably at peak performance.



Service providers and consumer electronics device manufacturers can use our smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions in:

  • Networking Equipment – home gateways, home routers, access points, and smart extenders
  • Entertainment Devices – TVs, speakers, set-top-boxes, gaming consoles, VR, etc.
  • Security Cameras & Access Control
  • Other Home IoT devices

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