Smart Education

Technology and “connected learning” have become a staple in education fostering collaborative learning, digital problem solving and student engagement. Digital tools such as interactive whiteboards, tablets and social networks are now integrated into everyday learning and help students engage in campus life. With Celeno’s Wi-Fi silicon and technology, educational facilities can untether teachers and enable classroom agility with frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity and coverage as well as smart device management, increasing efficiencies and improving productivity.



Coverage & Connectivity

Smart schools and campuses begin with ubiquitous connectivity and expand to handle device growth and the demands of the digital learning environment as well as enable the delivery of smart IoT services. Celeno’s technologies deliver the highest coverage and capacity using innovative mesh-networking and client steering software optimized for high density environments while ensuring service prioritization and QoS per device, service and network.

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Classroom Productivity & Agility

Untether teachers by combining wireless display connectivity with our Wi-Fi resource prioritization and device orchestration technology, creating a more agile and collaborative workspace, improving collaboration and enabling classroom agility.

Increased Security & Safety

Deliver the high bandwidth and resource management required for the continuous and uninterrupted streaming of high-resolution security video using our robust Wi-Fi solutions and unique service prioritization capabilities. Protect networks, processes and operations from malicious attacks with our novel and patented physical layer security technology embedded within our Wi-Fi chipsets.



Device designers and educational facility managers can leverage our smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions to enhance and optimize WI-FI connectivity for the following:

  • Blended learning and learning spaces
  • Measured and personalized learning
  • Campus security
  • Networking Equipment

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