Fast-growing urbanization drives cities to implement new digital services and IoT applications over wirelessly connected infrastructure such as street lights, signage, surveillance cameras, and more. Smart city applications demand a wireless network that can handle network congestion, interferences, and device proliferation. With Celeno’s Wi-Fi silicon and software technology, city planners can improve city management and drive urban economic growth by enabling new innovative city services, reducing complexity and cost of deployment projects, and ensuring public safety and convenience for city residents.



Development Efficiency

Wireless connectivity helps cities reduce the complexity and cost of wired infrastructure deployments as well as improve flexibility and scalability. Our technologies ensure the highest coverage and capacity for Wi-Fi city networks, while ensuring service prioritization and Quality of Service (QoS) to priority applications, services, and users.
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Create a vibrant and empowered community by connecting residents, businesses and visitors to public Wi-Fi and prioritize Wi-Fi Quality of Service between different network, user and service types. In addition to city-wide Wi-Fi connectivity, Celeno enables innovative city services such as energy management, traffic-congestion analytics, wireless video surveillance for public safety, and more. Celeno’s Wi-Fi QoS management technology enables multiple innovative services to be delivered over a single network.


Widespread Coverage

Celeno’s technologies combine exceptional access point coverage with mesh-networking and client steering software to enable unparalleled whole-city coverage. Further, Celeno’s mass adoption with cable service providers enables cities to collaborate with service providers and offer pedestrian Wi-Fi via home-to-street hotspot access.



Public-sector industrial equipment manufacturers and integrators, and managed service providers can use our smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions in:

  • Street Lights
  • Security Cameras
  • Digital Signs
  • Public Buildings
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots

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