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Commercial and residential building Wi-Fi networks are challenged to perform stably due to heavy interferences from overlapping networks, device proliferation driving network congestion, and physical infrastructure blocking Wi-Fi signals. Wirelessly connected buildings enable facility managers to control, monitor and optimize building services for better tenant experience, operational efficiency, and energy cost savings. With Celeno’s Wi-Fi silicon and software technology, building managers, integrators, service providers and OEMs can deliver smart, managed Wi-Fi that improves issues of interference and congestion while ensuring optimized coverage throughout the facility.




Celeno’s high performance silicon delivers features above and beyond the IEEE Wi-Fi standards to ensure exceptional and stable Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) in dense building environments. Further, Celeno’s cloud software technology enables multi-network performance improvements via reducing channel overlap interference between competing networks.



Celeno’s technology combines exceptional access point coverage with mesh-networking and client steering software to enable reliable, consistent whole-building Wi-Fi coverage. Celeno’s cloud software technology further enables building managers and service providers to overcome signal interference from overlapping networks and optimize coverage between multiple private networks.


From reliable connectivity, through wireless HD surveillance cameras, access management, smart meeting rooms, and other building IoT, Celeno technologies bring premium and reliable wireless connectivity to a wide range of smart building solutions. Our technologies enable capacity management per device, per service and more. Coupled with our cloud software for multi-network performance management, Celeno helps smart building Wi-Fi networks operate stably at peak performance.


Celeno’s solutions provide an excellent opportunity to optimize a building’s operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption, all while improving occupant comfort. Occupancy awareness offers a greater understanding of occupancy patterns for substantial and durable energy demand reduction (lighting, HVAC, etc.) and multi-network efficiency. Our software technologies enable 3rd party monitoring, trending, and automation solutions, further improving energy and operation efficiency.



Building and facility managers, service providers, device manufacturers, and system integrators can use our smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions in:

  • Networking equipment
  • Industrial gateways for buildings
  • Security and access control equipment
  • Entertainment devices

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