High Performance 4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 2.4GHz/5GHz Switchable RF Single Chip Optimized for Dense Environments

The CL2447 is a future-ready, powerful, highly integrated, 4x4 802.11ac wave 2 2.4GHz/5Ghz switchable RF single chip implementing full 802.11ac Wave 2 functionality including MU-MIMO, 160MHz channel support, beamforming and 4 Spatial Streams. The CL2447 integrates both a CPU and memory to run more of the wireless LAN functions on-chip, delivering a strong host offloading solution with no need for costly external memories.

Employing new MAC and PHY improvements to perfect throughput in dense environments, the CL2447 significantly raises the bar on   Wi-Fi performance, range, and reliability.


  • IPTV and Cable Home Gateway Data & Video Distribution
  • Carrier-Grade Unified Home Gateway
  • Carrier-Grade Home Networking
  • Multi-Room DVR
  • Wi-Fi enabled Set-Top Boxes and Hybrid DVB-S/C/T
  • Wireless TV for Over the Top Content
  • Enterprise Access Points


  • Single chip solution with integrated RF, Baseband and MAC
  • 802.11ac wave 2 4T4R MU-MIMO
  • Explicit and Implicit beamforming for increased coverage
  • Cost effective PCIe bus and architecture
  • Built-in powerful CPU, memories and accelerators for maximum host offloading
  • 4SS 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz Bandwidth or 2SS 160MHz Bandwidth @ 5GHz
  • QAM 256 (MCS 8, 9) modulation
  • 4SS 20MHz/40MHz Bandwidth @ 2.4GHz
  • Real-time Rx and Tx antenna diversity
  • LDPC Tx and Rx on both 802.11ac and 802.11n
  • STBC Tx and Rx
  • Short guard interval (Short GI)
  • Frame Aggregation and block ACK
  • WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, WAPI
  • IEEE 802.11e, h, i, k, r, v, w, z support
  • Multiple BSSID support
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compliant 
  • PCI Express v2.0 (backwards compatible with v1.1)
  • Enhanced Radar Detection for long and short pulse radar
  • Advanced Spectrum Intelligence
  • Support wake event signaling in Wake-On-WLAN applications