Powerful SoC for Routers, Gateways and NAS Devices

The CL1870 is a highly integrated, powerful System on Chip (SoC) with 880MHz Dual-Core processor for Routers, Security Gateways and NAS devices. It supports multiple interfaces and features to deliver a complete, cost-effective system solution.

Pairing the SoC with Celeno’s 11ac solution delivers reliable, cost-effective, high-performing, feature rich, wireless, concurrent dual band connectivity for a full standalone or offload iNIC solution that includes Celeno’s feature-rich, virtualized Wi-Fi technology solutions. The combined solution provides end users with superlative Wi-Fi performance, anytime, under any circumstance.


  • Wireless Video Bridge and Wireless Routers
  • Home Gateways and Security Gateways
  • Full-offload 11ac solution for Router and Gateways
  • High End IP Cameras
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)



  • Embedded MIPS1004Kc (880 MHz, Dual-Core)
    • 32 KB I-Cache and 32 KB D-Cache per core
    • 256 KB L2 Cache shared by Dual-Core
    • SMP capable
    • Single processor operation configurable
  • 16-bit DDR2/3 up to 256/512 Mbytes
  • Flash SPI, NAND Flash, SDXC, eMMC
  • HW Accelerators: 
    • HW storage accelerator
    • HW NAT : IPv4 IPv6 routing, NAT, NAPT
    • HW QoS : 16 hardware queues to guarantee the min/max
    • HW Crypto Engine : deliver 400~500 Mbps IPSec throughput
  • Green including DDR Self-refresh mode
  • Software: Linux with OpenWRT support


  • USB3.0 host (can be used as USB2.0)
  • USB2.0 host 
  • PCIe2.0 host x 3
  • Ethernet
    • 5-port Giga Ethernet Switch 
    • Advanced GE Switch features 
    • RGMII
  • Audio and Voice over IP L I2S, PCM, SPDIF-Tx
  • Other: I2C, UART Lite x 3, JTAG, MDC/MDIO, GPIO