Hawkeye Tech Brings a Celeno Based 10Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Gateway Platform

Combining market-leading technologies based on Celeno’s CL8000 Wi-Fi 6 chips portfolio and NXP® Semiconductor’s Layerscape™ LS1046A communication processor, the platform supports up to 10Gbps Wi-Fi traffic and disruptive ElasticMIMO™ architecture

 [Computex 2019 – Taipei, Taiwan – May 30, 2019]: Celeno, a leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, announced today that Hawkeye Tech is combining Celeno’s fully-featured CL8000 Wi-Fi 6 access point chips and NXP Layerscape processors to create an advanced 10Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Gateway platform targeting home, enterprise and industrial applications.

The Celeno CL8000 is a Wi-Fi 6 product family condensing two fully-featured Wi-Fi 6 radios/transceivers into a single, compact chip. The product family supports up to 8T8R, 8 MIMO streams solution, with concurrent dual band operation in 2.4GHz, 5GHz and in the future 6GHz bands. Its unique ElasticMIMO™ architecture, with self-learning software control, allows for flexible allocation of the 8 radio chains between the two transceivers to drive a flexible MIMO dimensioning between the spectrum bands per actual need. This in turn ensures the best user experience to favor capacity or range requirements based on real Wi-Fi usage patterns.

 The NXP Layerscape™ LS1046A communications processor integrates quad 64-bit Arm® Cortex-A72 cores with packet processing acceleration and high-speed peripherals.

The platform supports three mPCIe slots to host CL8000 modules up to a wireless speed of 10Gbps. In addition, the platform supports two 5G Ethernet ports and four 1G Ethernet ports. Running over the high-availability and cyber-secure Hawkeye Tech host platform, the gateway will offer cost-effective, comprehensive and simplified management together with the essential redundancy provisions. 

 “We are excited to work together with NXP and Hawkeye Tech to offer a fully featured Wi-Fi 6 platform to support customers’ needs”, said Lior Weiss, vice president marketing and business development for Celeno. “The NXP LS1046A has a unique combination of powerful cores, packet processing accelerators, variety of peripherals and fast PCIe Gen 3.0 dual lane interfaces. Together with the CL8000 concurrent dual band radio with a single PCIe dual lane interface chip, the integrated solution can drive enormous amount of traffic while maintaining free interfaces and CPU headroom to support high end access point solutions and value-add applications.”

“NXP’s scalable Layerscape family of 64-bit Arm-based communications processors is leading the Edge Computing wave. Combined with Celeno two-radios in one package with Elastic MIMO support provides our customer with a high performing, yet cost effective package for networking applications.,” said Noy Kucuk, vice president of product management, NXP. “We are excited to be working with Celeno and Hawkeye Tech to enable new Wi-Fi 6 solutions.”

Mr. Luke Chen, CEO of Hawkeye Tech added: “The collaboration with Celeno and NXP chips and their pre-integrated software solutions offers a new and powerful Wi-Fi 6 Access Points that will enable a better Wi-Fi experience for our customers. The new platform is an important addition to our product offering and enables us to meet today and tomorrow’s connectivity challenges.”