Comtrend Picks Celeno’s CL8000 Chip Family to Deliver Elastic Wi-Fi 6

Celeno’s CL8080 8-stream and CL8040 4-stream concurrent dual band chips to enhance user experience in homes based on elastic access point hardware adjusting in real time to real Wi-Fi usage needs

[Angacom 2019 - Cologne, Germany – June 5th, 2019]: Celeno, a leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, announced today that Comtrend, a leading global provider of advanced networking solutions, has selected the CL8000 product family chips for their new Wi-Fi 6 home gateways and mesh node solution. The new product family brings disruptive ElasticMIMO™ architecture that enables service providers to enjoy home networking hardware that adjusts itself in the field based on actual user needs and Wi-Fi consumption habits.

Celeno’s CL8000 Wi-Fi 6 chip family delivers two Wi-Fi 6 dual band transceivers in a single, compact 11mm by 11mm chip. The silicon ElasticMIMO™ architecture controlled by self-learning software arbitrates in real time the allocation of up to 8 radio chains and MIMO streams between the two transceivers for optimized coverage/throughput combination. For example, a home gateway that streams high bandwidth video to multiple Wi-Fi STB’s in the home, could adjust its hardware configuration to 2x2 2.4GHz and 6x6 5GHz radios to enhance the robustness of the Wi-Fi links to these STBs. This could be done momentarily in response to unexpected increase in entertainment consumption in the home or based on time of day by statistics analysis of video consumption habits in a particular home.

ElasticMIMO™ would prove to be instrumental also in an exceedingly popular scenario of a mesh deployment of multiple access points (or extenders). The wireless backbone between the Wi-Fi mesh nodes is serving the traffic backhaul requirements between the nodes as well as serving Wi-Fi devices on that band. Demand patterns and distances between the mesh nodes in the home are unpredictable. At the same time, engineering the hardware for mesh nodes is ever more demanding with strict cost and real estate constraints. Celeno’s, ElasticMIMO self-adjusting technology, alleviates the concern of a rigid hardware configuration that is not optimized for all scenarios. For example, ElasticMIMO based mesh nodes can be deployed with a default 2x2 configuration on each band. Once operational, the Access Point can self-optimize the network performance by readjusting the MIMO configuration, for example to 3x3 on the 5GHz band and 1x1 on the 2.4GHz or vice versa based on actual needs. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands have different range and speed characteristics, hence the flexible hardware can arbitrate between the different bands dimensioning in real time, and will generate better user experience and whole home coverage.

Kenny Chiu, Comtrend’s CEO commented: “Wi-Fi 6 brings great benefits to users with its increased channel bandwidth and high MIMO order. Celeno’s ElasticMIMO provides the opportunity to engineer Wi-Fi 6 access points just right: a single chip to support a full-blown concurrent dual band access point and flexible hardware to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 high MIMO order while keeping antenna count and cost at bay”.

“We are excited to partner with Comtrend on their new Wi-Fi 6 home networking portfolio. Service providers will benefit their Fiber gateways, DSL gateways and mesh node extenders to deliver the latest Wi-Fi technology to their users.” added Gilad Rozen, Founder and CEO of Celeno. “Distribution of 4K video in the home, low latency gaming applications and Wi-Fi mesh node deployment will all benefit from Celeno’s introduction of elastic hardware that adapts its coverage and speed characteristics per actual need.”