Comtrend Picks Celeno Tri-Band Wi-Fi Solution for Gateways & Extenders


Solution Doubles Capacity and Delivers EasyMesh™ Ready Multi AP Topology


 [Ra’anana, Israel – October 23rd, 2018] – Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that Comtrend, a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment, has selected its powerful 4x4 + 4x4 + 4x4 Tri-Band Wi-Fi solution for gateways and extenders. The solution leverages Celeno’s advanced CL2400 802.11ac Wave 2 chipset and is ready for the Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh certification for a powerful multi-AP topology.

The solution enables a compact Tri-Band Access Point that delivers double the capacity and implements Celeno's enhanced Wi-Fi technologies, supporting multi-AP centralized orchestration and dynamic interface assignment, taking into account home topology and network conditions for optimal Wi-Fi connectivity deployment.

The hardware reference design enables exceptional RF performance over three bands, allowing simultaneous transmissions on the 2.4GHz band and adjacent channels in the 5GHz high and low bands with no inter-band interference.

The solution enables an all-wireless multi-AP architecture utilizing independent backhaul and front-haul (service) channel assignments for the main AP and each of the Tri-Band smart extenders. This results in a high performing mesh network with enhanced spectral efficiency.

As consumers rely on their home Wi-Fi network to support more devices accessing the internet, streaming HD video and online gaming, Wi-Fi is stretched to its limit. The tri-band solution is set to significantly boost capacity of home Wi-Fi networks and deliver a far superior performance for more simultaneously streaming devices, resulting in a better consumer Wi-Fi experience.  

“Comtrend has continually grown its product lineup, bringing broadband beyond the gateway,” says Kenny Chiu, CEO of Comtrend. “This powerful Tri-band solution is an important addition to our product offering and enables us to meet the real needs of our customers. The solution provides a powerful whole home W-Fi Solution that connects devices intelligently for optimal Wi-Fi connections and delivers exceptional streaming throughout the home.”

“Today, Wi-Fi is considered as essential as any utility in the home,” says Gilad Rozen, CEO and Co-Founder of Celeno. “From streaming videos to video chats, online gaming and Wireless VR, our home life is more connected than ever. Celeno’s Tri-Band solution was designed to meet the Wi-Fi needs of the modern smart home by intelligently segmenting multiple devices on different Wi-Fi bands and delivering a reliable performance to every room in the house to ensure a superlative end user experience.”

The Tri-Band solution will be displayed during Broadband World Forum in Berlin on October 14-18, 2018 at the Celeno Booth – A101