Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging Wins Wi-Fi NOW 2019 Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award

Celeno announced as winner of this year’s Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award for its Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology, a breakthrough technology for high-resolution RF Imaging.

[WIFINOW, London, UK  – November 14, 2019] – Celeno, a leading provider of smart, innovative Wi-Fi solutions was announced today as winner of 2019 Wi-Fi NOW Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award for its Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging - a breakthrough technology for high-resolution RF Imaging that is enabled by Celeno’s state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connectivity chips.

Celeno has designed an active Doppler Radar based on Wi-Fi signals and in the Wi-Fi spectrum and machine learning algorithms to track, classify and analyse movements of people and objects within a given environment. Celeno’s specialized Wi-Fi chip seamlessly double-functions, providing both state-of-the-art Wi-Fi access point/station capabilities and Doppler Imaging operation. Using the Wi-Fi signals emitted from the Wi-Fi chip, it collects returned Doppler and Micro Doppler signatures of moving objects in fine resolution, enabling myriad determinations and timely analytics, including classification of body postures, motions, gait and gestures; fall and breathing detection; people counting; and differentiation between adults, children, pets and objects.
Based on standard Wi-Fi packets and RF characteristics, Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging operates in the 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum (and in the future 6GHz). Unlike other costly radar solutions, the Wi-Fi-based technology enables solution providers to deliver differentiated, “see-through-walls” event recognition services to their customers - without requiring the deployment of additional dedicated infrastructure.

Whether it is in a residential area, a commercial facility, or an industrial facility, having the capacity to identify and respond to events in a timely fashion is a primary challenge for many stakeholders.

With Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging, homeowners and businesses can detect the movement of people, and objects for elderly care applications, safety and security purposes, entertainment analytics applications and more, without the need to install anything additional to their Wi-Fi APs. Factories, construction sites and smart buildings could leverage on this technology for a variety of safety and energy management applications to optimize the facility operation. It eliminates the need for multiple cameras or sensors in home environments and commercial buildings. It protects the privacy of consumers and at the same time addresses consumers’ issues about having to invest in next-generation gadgets and infrastructures each time new technologies are developed.

“Being a winner of this award is a testament to the uniqueness of our technology and its potential to address the growing industry demand for innovative and capable sensing technologies,” said Lior Weiss, VP Marketing and Strategic Business Development of Celeno. “Beyond the technological achievement, this solution could enable variety of new applications and services, such as Elderly Care and Assisted Living, TV analytics and Intrusion Detection applications and many more, some of which are yet to be invented. Our Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging gives sensing, gesture recognition, locationing, object classification capabilities to application developers to come up with their next big invention to support the hunger for new services”.

Celeno’s Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology is currently sampling with selected customers - amongst them Orange Labs and British Telecom.

About Celeno
Celeno offers advanced Wi-Fi chipsets, edge software and cloud technology to deliver smart, innovative Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology into the realm of high-performance home networks, smart buildings, enterprise and industrial solutions. Celeno's field-proven chips and software technologies have been successfully integrated into numerous OEM Wi-Fi devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world. Celeno is headquartered in Raanana, Israel, with a global presence and offices in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit www.celeno.com.