BT to showcase Celeno’s Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging at its Innovation Hub

Recently announced technology enables smart home services such as home security, assisted living and entertainment analytics.

[Raanana, Israel – July 16, 2019]: Celeno, a leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions announced today that British Telecom will showcase Celeno’s recently announced Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology in its executive demo day. The new imagining technology enables a variety of new smart home services such as home security, assisted living and entertainment analytics.

Celeno’s Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging is a Wi-Fi based high-resolution imaging technology that depicts and tracks the motion, behavior and location of objects, people and pets. It records the Doppler signature generated by moving objects and feeds it to machine learning classifiers to accurately locate, track, count and analyze behavior and events, while increasing the overall contextual interpretation of a situation. Unlike cameras, the Doppler Imaging technology relies on standard Wi-Fi technology, does not require line of sight, is not dependent on lighting conditions and does not invade privacy.


This interpretation can enable various smart home applications such as intrusion detection, home security, smart energy management, and elderly care to provide additional value to their customers.

“We are excited to collaborate with BT on new services offered to their customer base”, said Lior Weiss, VP Marketing and BD of Celeno. “The promise of Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging is to enable easy 'do-it-yourself' installation with non-pervasive imaging solution that is enabled by Wi-Fi technology that exists in most consumers homes today anyway.”

“BT research teams are exploring new technologies within the smart home and assisted living markets and we are interested in the potential of Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology to enrich service offerings based on the Wi-Fi network”, said Darren Lewis of BT. “Doppler Imaging shows promise to accurately depict complex situations and help us to deliver peace-of-mind applications to our customers.”