Cameo Selects Celeno’s Silicon and Software for Realtek VDSL Gateway

Cameo Choice of Celeno based on Quicksilver 4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 Silicon and Suite of Advanced Wi-Fi Management Software Technologies

[Ra’anana, Israel – February 26th, 2018] – Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced a product design with Cameo for a wireless VDSL 35b / LTE data + VoIP Gateway. The solution, based on Celeno’s high performance CL2440 4x4 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi chip together with Realtek’s VDSL 35b chip, meets the demand of service providers to deliver premium services and Gigabit wireless home connectivity.

The CL2440, a powerful PCIe Wi-Fi radio, integrates an offloading CPUs and memory, eliminating the need for additional costly external memories and, together with a small package size, drives down solution size and cost. Its inherent spectrum analyser and intelligence engine seamlessly scans the spectrum without interrupting service and without the need for additional RBOM costs, maximizing overall Wi-Fi performance.

The joint product will come with smart Wi-Fi management software technology that enables maintained reliable peak Wi-Fi performance even in the most crowded and dense urban Wi-Fi environments. This includes the ControlAIR™ smart multi-AP Wi-Fi controller that enables multiple managed Wi-Fi access points - gateway and smart extenders, to be deployed in the home in an orchestrated fashion, as well as OptimizAIR™, which enables the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi airtime capacity to different virtual networks (SSIDs), services and even different clients all served by the same gateway.

“We’re excited to be chosen by Cameo, a leading broadband access CPE manufacturer, to provide the most compelling, smart Wi-Fi solution to Cameo customers with best-in-class chip performance, value, and a host of advanced management features.” said Gilad Rozen, Founder and CEO of Celeno.

“We are committed to providing our customers with both top quality and the best possible price/performance ratio possible,” says JuAn Tseng, CEO of Cameo. “We are thrilled to integrate Celeno’s high performance technology as it enables us to reach challenging markets with value-add functionalities and ultimately, deliver on our promise.”