Celeno and Realtek Joint Reference Design for G.fast VDSL Gateway

Reference design is based on Celeno’s high performing Quicksilver 4x4 802.11ac Wave2 silicon and Realtek’s Access Technology

[CES, Las Vegas – January 9th 2018] – Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced a joint reference design with Realtek for a next generation G.fast 212MHz / VDSL 35B Gateway. The solution leverages Celeno’s CL2440 4x4 802.11ac wave2 Wi-Fi chip and offers gigabit speeds for the latest high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming HD and UHD IPTV and online gaming.

The CL2440, a high performing PCIe Wi-Fi radio, eliminates the need for additional external memories and boasts a small package size which together drive down solution size and cost. Its unique embedded Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) technology allows for smart antenna arrays to increase diversity and overall Wi-Fi performance for flicker free video. The solution offers support to both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies.

The joint reference design will come with a bevy of high performance features that help to maintain peak Wi-Fi performance even amongst the most crowded real-world conditions. The solution includes the Argus DSP-based spectrum analyser and intelligence engine, which seamlessly scans the spectrum without interrupting service and without the need for additional RBOM costs. The new solution also includes the ControlAIR™ smart multi-AP Wi-Fi controller that would enable expanding the gateway coverage with multiple smart managed extenders, and OptimizAIR 2.0™, which enables the provisioning, enforcement and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi air time capacity to different virtual networks (SSIDs) and even different clients all served by the same gateway.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Realtek for a top of the line wireless gateway solution” said Gilad Rozen, Founder and CEO of Celeno. “We’ve successfully delivered on a cost effective, ultra-small form factor wireless set-top box together with Realtek in the past. This time around, the collaboration yields a feature-rich gateway with even more cutting edge solutions and G.fast capabilities.”

“Our customers want the best performance possible at a competitive price and that’s what we’ve delivered with Celeno in the past, and what we are poised to deliver once again” said Realtek Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “Good products make satisfied customers, and with silicon and software solutions by Realtek and Celeno we can fully address the demand for high performing G.fast 212MHz and VDSL 35B 802.11ac Wave2 Wi-Fi gateways, which is set to differentiate us from other products even further.”