Edimax Picks Celeno Silicon & Software to Power Next Gen Wi-Fi Router

Leading Taiwanese OEM, Edimax, Selects Celeno’s CL2400 802.11ac Silicon with Integrated Smart Antenna Steering and Spectral Intelligence Engines for Their Next Generation Wi-Fi Router, Providing Customers Superior Managed Home Wi-Fi Experience

[Computex, Taiwan– May 30th 2017] – Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that its CL2400 Wi-Fi silicon will power Edimax next generation Wi-Fi Router. By incorporating Celeno’s technology into their Wi-Fi Router Edimax customers will enjoy a seamless, powerful Wi-Fi that will enable superior performance in even the most crowded and dense urban Wi-Fi environments.

Leveraging on the CL2400 integrated Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) engine, Edimax’s new Wi-Fi Router will have a 12-antenna system enabling it to support increased and highly consistent Wi-Fi speed throughout the home. SAS enables the dynamic selection of multiple antenna elements on both transmit and receive and provides multi-modes of operation per RF chain. This multi-selection allows for dynamic diversity set selection for improved immunity to device orientation and mobility, while enhancing system performance in multi-floor and multi-room scenarios.

Argus, Celeno’s Spectral Intelligent Engine, will be utilized by Edimax’s new Router to ensure the best performance even in the presence of high interference. Unlike other solutions, Argus seamlessly scans the spectrum without interrupting service and requires no additional RBOM costs. Argus enables the Router to do intelligent, seamless, zero wait channel changes even in DFS channels.

"A major area of frustration can arise when customers experience an unstable network, slower speeds and dead zones due to building construction and interferences,” said Ronen Peleg, VP Sales and Business Development at Celeno. “This partnership will enable Edimax customers to enjoy powerful, seamless Wi-Fi that is carefully managed and delivers the same stellar performance regardless of environment.”

"Our customers want to surf the internet and stream ultra-high definition content across multiple users on the same network with lossless quality even in a network dense environment.”, said Jack Hung, Vice President of Sales at Edimax. “Celeno’s proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to both Tier-1 service providers and OEMs worldwide, gave us confidence to once again partner with Celeno to offer a superior, smart experience to our customers”.

Celeno representatives will be available to discuss this router and other solutions at Computex, Taipei between May 30 – June 3 2017 at the Celeno suite, Grand Hyatt Hotel.