Quicksilver 4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi Available on Edimax Platforms

Celeno’s QuickSilver Silicon Combined With Argus Spectral Intelligence  Engine, ControlAIR™ Software and Smart Antenna Steering Allows OEMs to Deliver High-Performing 802.11ac Wi-Fi

[Computex, Taiwan – May 31st 2016] - Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that Celeno’s next generation Quicksilver 4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 standards-based silicon solution is fully integrated with Edimax’s advanced Home and Business Router platforms.

The Quicksilver solution includes Celeno’s Argus in-chip dedicated RF circuitry and DSP-based engine for spectrum scanning and analysis, Celeno’s ControlAIR™ multi-AP management software, and Celeno’s Smart Antenna Steering technology. The combined solution was designed to handle the increasing performance demands of the ever growing and highly complex Wi-Fi home and business networking markets. The solution enables service providers and OEMs to offer smart, high-performing wireless gateways and extenders that deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi to every square foot of the home.

The Argus engine enables continuous, non-intrusive spectrum analysis, without time-slicing or down-scaling the MIMO performance of the Wi-Fi radio. The Argus innovative architecture comes with zero RBOM cost and with no form-factor impacts. Benefits such as spectrum feeds to RRM or SON solutions (whether these are cloud based or distributed), Network Operations, faster spectrum scan, zero wait DFS channels entry and automatic, seamless channel change are all empowered by the Argus engine. The technology enables the Wi-Fi Access Point to seamlessly transition between Wi-Fi channels to seek the cleanest spectrum for best operation, satisfying flawless 4K video experience in “real life” congested spectrum environment. This transition is non service affecting with flicker free video and doesn’t downsize the radio dimensioning.

To truly unleash multi-Gbps Wi-Fi services in the home, Celeno embedded its ControlAIR™ multi-AP management software on the Edimax platforms. This increases capacity, coverage and speed of Wi-Fi when adding smart companion Wi-Fi Access Points, Repeaters or Extenders in the home. ControlAIR™ is the industry’s only effective software solution to orchestrate multiple APs to increase throughput by adding smart cluster connectivity and dynamic Radio Resource Management (RRM) addressing the move towards a “small cell” Wi-Fi network or “Sprinklers” architecture for the wireless home of tomorrow.

Celeno’s Smart Antenna Steering technology delivers the optimum Access Point coverage by dynamically selecting 4 out of an up to 16 antenna array, which increases system diversity dimensions and enhances immunity to device orientation, polarization and mobility. This enables achieving maximal system performance across multiple rooms and floors and enables the 4x4 11ac silicon to deliver the RvR promise across the home.

“Edimax’s platforms, together with the Celeno dual band concurrent 4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi architecture, create high-performance solutions that provide fast and robust Wi-Fi services,” said Ronen Peleg, VP Business Development & Sales at Celeno. “Integrating Celeno’s ControlAIR™ multi-AP cluster management software will allow the successful addition of Wi-Fi companion devices in the home and offer optimized speeds and coverage to subscribers.”

"Integrating the Celeno solution with our advanced home and business router platforms allows the offering of multi-gigabit wireless bandwidth for a greater comfort and effectiveness of usage at home and at the office,” said Jack Hung, VP Sales at Edimax. “We believe these platforms will provide a great advantage to our customers in their most advanced WiFi use cases.”

The integrated solution will be showcased at booth # TICC T101A at Computex in Taipei from May 31st – June 4th.