Celeno Debuts Its ControlAIR™ Wi-Fi Management Software


Celeno Debuts Its ControlAIR™ Wi-Fi Management Software to Ensure Exceptional Performance in the Home of Tomorrow

Technology allows robust multi-Gbps Wi-Fi service in the home by efficiently deploying multiple smart Wi-Fi access points and extenders

[CES Las Vegas, NV - January 6th 2016] – Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for demanding home networking applications, today announced the availability of their advanced enterprise-grade ControlAIR™ multi-AP Wi-Fi controller for the home network. The industry-first technology enables “zero-touch” provisioning and self-optimizing Wi-Fi throughput in the home across multiple smart Wi-Fi access points, repeaters, extenders, IoT hubs and gateways. The result is a dramatically improved user experience with a smarter distribution of Wi-Fi capacity throughout the home. Targeting service providers and OEMs , Celeno is integrating its ControlAIR software suite with RDK-B industry-standard Gateway software framework.

Traditionally, service providers and consumers deployed a single Wi-Fi Access Point in the home to provide internet access wirelessly. With the increase in broadband speeds, the overload on access points (with 10s of connected Wi-Fi devices in a typical home) and the laws of physics which dictate a degraded Wi-Fi signal quality the larger the house, Wi-Fi has become the “last mile” bottleneck. To deliver a true Gbps bi-directional Wi-Fi home network enabling 4K and HD video streaming, video uploads, file shares, cloud storage and more to every device in the home, a new approach has to be taken.

“With ControlAIR, we haven’t just improved the Wi-Fi experience for consumers and providers, we’ve actually solved one of the biggest industry-wide problems of our time and changed the conventional wisdom of the industry,” said Gilad Rozen, Founder and CEO of Celeno. “We believe that the best solution to allow for Gbps wireless networks in the home is to deploy managed multi-access point home networks rather than invest in endlessly beefing up single access points. Celeno developed ControlAIR to optimize performance and connectivity across such a multi-AP home network to bring Gbps Wi-Fi to consumer devices efficiently and cost effectively.”

ControlAIR is the industry’s only effective software solution to increase throughput using multiple access points in the home by adding smart cluster connectivity and dynamic Radio Resource Management (RRM) addressing the move towards a “Small cells” Wi-Fi network or “Sprinklers” architecture for the wireless home of tomorrow. The ControlAIR software allows for wireless home networks that offer vastly improved coverage, expanded capacity and speeds that consistently exceed one Gigabit per second. ControlAIR also allows increased power efficiency and less induced interference on adjacent networks.

The ControlAIR software includes the following modules:

  1. Connectivity management – self-optimizes the effective throughput to each Wi-Fi client device in the home by dynamically steering it to the right access point and even radio band. In addition the module balances loads between the various access points. Working in real time it even allows roaming in the home with minimal effect on the connectivity and user experience.
  2. Radio Resource Management (RRM) – With the unlicensed spectrum becoming more congested with the introduction of 802.11ac Wi-Fi, managing this scarce resource intelligently becomes a necessity. ControlAIR software is dynamically changing the radio parameters of each Access Point in the home to best utilize the available spectrum and ensure perfect co-existence.
  3. Configuration management – “zero touch” provisioning of all access points in the home with correct security credentials, Wi-Fi Channels, Wi-Fi SSID names, etc. to ensure seamless operation and roaming of clients in the home.

The ControlAIR software agents are embedded in the Wi-Fi Access Point devices in the home and are also available for use with RDK-B and OpenWRT industry-standard gateway and router software frameworks. The solution’s open architecture has been validated with a variety of Wi-Fi radio silicon solutions from leading vendors. ControlAIR software first version will be ready for integration with OEM’s devices in the first quarter of 2016.

ControlAIR will be showcased at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in the Celeno’s suite (3-105) at the Venetian.