Comtrend Picks Celeno’s Smart Wi-Fi Technology for Powerline Extenders

Simple Plug and Play Extenders with Celeno’s Smart Wi-Fi Technology Allow Consumers to Take Perfect Connectivity With them Anywhere in The Home

Ra’anana, Israel 3rd June 2015 – Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi Chips and software for demanding networking applications, and advanced networking solutions supplier Comtrend Corporation, announced that Celeno’s Wi-Fi chipsets and smart Wi-Fi technology OptimizAIR 2.0 have been selected to power Comtrend’s Powerline Wi-Fi Extenders.

Today consumers expect a perfect wireless experience on their tablet or smartphone no matter where they are in the home, or how far away they might be from the home Gateway. With billions of internet-connected mobile devices and the growing popularity of high capacity services accessed on these devices, conventional home gateways are hard pressed to deliver. Adding more access points as extenders may assist in boosting the Wi-Fi signal across the home, however, if not properly managed the extenders and gateway may compete over air resources, resulting in poor performance. In addition balancing devices properly amongst the access points becomes a further challenge.

Designed to meet the growing demand for perfect connectivity and coverage across multiple devices connected concurrently throughout the home, the Powerline Wi-Fi Extender wall plugs allow consumers to take Wi-Fi with them anywhere throughout the home or backyard and enjoy a seamless wireless experience. With Celeno’s chips and smart Wi-Fi technology powering the extenders, consumers can seamlessly access high bandwidth services wherever they are in the home as Wi-Fi capacity remains high no matter how far coverage is extended.

“At Celeno we believe that a combination of well-coordinated Gateway and multiple Wi-Fi extenders delivers the best coverage and Wi-Fi throughput,” said Lior Weiss, VP Marketing of Celeno. “Consumers continue to demand more from their home networks and today, much of that demand is centered on mobile devices, and the more mobile device penetration we see, the more important it will be to extend and improve wireless coverage to enable consumers to enjoy perfect Wi-Fi in every corner of their home, while ensuring we don’t compromise on overall network capacity.”

“Celeno is one of Comtrend’s strategic partners, and their solutions make for a critical addition to our Home Networking product portfolio," says John Hsieh Comtrend's Marketing Director. “Their smart Wi-Fi solution provides a significant advantage for our customers in terms of superior user experience and customer satisfaction, as well as by offering both extended coverage with reliable service and increased capacity in a distributed network.”

Celeno’s CL1860 and CL2200 chips utilizing Celeno’s concurrent dual band Wi-Fi module will drive the Powerline Wi-Fi Extenders, enabling them to leverage both the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands to deliver a seamless wireless experience anywhere in the home. Celeno’s smart Wi-Fi technology OptimizAIR 2.0 will also enable the virtualization of Wi-Fi resources, so that Wi-Fi capacity can be dynamically apportioned and provisioned to different devices, services and applications. It further enables them to offer new service business models like homespots, IoT, home security and home automation on different SSID’s from each extender with unprecedented reliability.

Powered by Celeno’s band-steering technology, the Powerline Extender would seamlessly balance devices amongst the dual Wi-Fi bands. In addition, OptimizAIR 2.0 ensures the higher capacity and superlative QoS required for a distributed home network with multiple nodes. A simple single push of a button enables rapid self-install. For service providers and telecommunications companies, this results in a dramatic decrease in service calls and associated operating expenses due to an enhanced customer connectivity experience throughput the home.