About Celeno

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Wi-Fi is the digital foundation of the home and, due to its ubiquity, has already become the dominant wireless connectivity technology for the delivery of IoT.

Leveraging cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology perfected for the home environment, Celeno offers advanced chipsets and software solutions to deliver smart, innovative Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology in high-performance home networks, smart buildings, enterprise and industrial solutions. In a constantly expanding IoT device-proliferated environment, Celeno is the industry's first to offer a combined Wi-Fi technology that supports both Connectivity and Doppler Radar sensing functionality in a single chip solution.

Celeno’s solutions deliver the best Wi-Fi User Experience, network manageability, and operational efficiency. Celeno’s field-proven Wi-Fi chipsets and software have been successfully integrated into numerous OEM devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world by almost 100 leading service providers worldwide. You’ll find Celeno-based products deployed in home gateways, routers, set-top boxes, Wi-Fi extenders, IoT hubs, small cells, hotspots and industrial Wi-Fi devices, designed and manufactured by top OEM partners. 

Celeno is headquartered in Ra'anana, Israel, with a global presence and offices.

Our Solutions

Silicon and Software Technologies

Celeno's extensive chip portfolio and ground-breaking software technologies are designed to excel in real life, highly-interfered, dense network scenarios, delivering the level of management, performance, speed, coverage, reliability and superlative user experience demanded by Wi-Fi users.

Our latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 6E (6GHz band) chip solutions deliver exceptional Wi-Fi network performance by employing a disruptive concurrent dual-band, dual transceiver, single chip architecture that can drive aggregated PHY Data Link speeds up to 6Gbps.

Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging

Celeno’s Wi-Fi 6 chipset solutions contain inherent Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging support, providing an advanced breakthrough technology of combined connectivity and radar capabilities in a single chip.

The unique offering empowers a variety of new applications and services in security, energy management, health, well-being, elderly care, assisted living, entertainment analytics, TV analytics, intrusion detection applications and many more.

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