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Modern lifestyles are Wi-Fi dependent and customers not only expect Wi-Fi connectivity as a given, but hold service providers responsible for their QoS regardless of the end device used. As the number and type of Wi-Fi devices proliferate and high bandwidth application gain further traction, service providers face mounting pressure to ensure that Wi-Fi can deliver the full speeds and range of broadband and video services throughout the home in a reliable, managed and scalable manner.


A number of factors, including over-the-air traffic congestion, building construction and interference, can result in poor and inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity that in turn, results in increased service calls and truck rolls as well as reduced customer satisfaction with an increased customer churn rate. Celeno’s chipsets and software technology deliver smart, managed Wi-Fi optimized for dense environments, ensuring superlative QoS and the best end-user Wi-Fi experience.



End User Experience

In an era when nearly everyone and a growing number of “things” are connected, Wi-Fi networks need to ensure the highest performance levels attainable over network coverage, deliver greater capacity and provide more users access to high-bandwidth applications and services. Celeno’s Wi-Fi chipsets and technology optimize Wi-Fi include above standard capabilities ensuring that the Wi-Fi interface utilizes the most out of the air medium and ensures the best end user experience in dense network environments.


New Services

Service providers want to deploy new services, such as pedestrian access from home hotspots, while ensuring the integrity of the in-home user experience, managing capacity allocation across multiple and diverse connected devices and supporting various connectivity management protocols. Remote monitoring and network diagnostic capabilities offer Service Providers excellent service upsell and cross sell opportunities as it provides greater network visibility and smart manageability.

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With millions of boxes deployed in the field, service providers expect their home gateways to be extremely stable and deliver consistent performance. Celeno high performance silicon and innovative software technology ensure exceptional and consistent Wi-Fi QoS and optimized network performance even when serving multiple clients in congested and dense environments. Together they deliver reliable and consistent coverage throughout the home, while assuring service differentiation for multiple clients and networks; thus increasing customer satisfaction and reducing service calls and churn. 

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In these ever-increasing dense environments, service and network management becomes crucial. Celeno’s smart managed Wi-Fi technologies provide capacity management per network, device and service. They also provide multi-network performance management combining innovative access point coverage with home mesh-networking and client steering software for exceptional QoS, while enabling service provider agility to remotely update software and configure network settings in an assured and managed manner. In addition, Celeno supports advanced management and networking protocols such as SSID management, Hotspot 2.0, ACS management protocols and more to deliver greater manageability and network QoS.



Service providers and device manufacturers can use our smart, managed Wi-Fi technologies in Wi-Fi access points such as:

  • Home Gateways / Routers
  • Wireless Set-top boxes
  • Wi-Fi extenders
  • Hotspots
  • Home-IoT Management hubs

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