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6/6E Revolution

Learn about our NEW CL6020 IoT connectivity chip

Wi-Fi for IoT end points, Multimedia devices, and Industrial applications. Combining Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth.


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Wi-Fi 6 / 6E

Introducing hardware and software technology that supports 802.11ax technology, now referred to as “Wi-Fi 6” and supporting the new 6GHz extension referred to as “6E”.

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Wi-Fi 5

The CL2400 product family is a powerful, highly integrated chipset solution implementing full 802.11ac Wave 2 functionality.

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Tri-Band-Plus: Wi-Fi 6/6E APs

Unique technical and business implications of incorporating a dedicated listening radio in the design of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E within a Tri-Band AP

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Welcome to the New Band

Celeno Adds Wi-Fi 6E to its CL8000 Product Series Supporting the New 6GHz Band


Vertical Solutions
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Smart City

Celeno’s Wi-Fi technology, improves city management, enables innovative city services, reduces cost of wired infrastructure deployment, and ensures public safety & convenience for city residents.

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Smart Home

Celeno’s high performance silicon delivers incomparable whole home coverage, capacity & multi-network management, empowering home Wi-Fi networks in highly interfered environments.

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Smart Building

Celeno’s commercial & residential building Wi-Fi networks deliver smart, managed Wi-Fi that resolves interference and congestion and ensures exceptional access point coverage throughout the facility.

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Industry 4.0

Celeno’s Industrial IoT whole-facility Wi-Fi coverage with novel physical-layer security features enable remote monitoring, analytics, and alerting, plus predictive maintenance and asset tracking.

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Smart Mass Transit

Celeno’s Wi-Fi technology offers commuters and transport administrators an uninterrupted, Wi-Fi QoS network connectivity experience for mission-critical applications, safety, and convenience.

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Smart Education

Celeno’s Wi-Fi silicon and technology untethers teachers and students to enable classroom agility with frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity and coverage as well as smart device management, increasing efficiencies and improving productivity.

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Broadband Service Provider

Celeno’s high performance silicon and innovative software technology delivers the level of reliability and manageability demanded by service providers to ensure the best end-user Wi-Fi experience even in dense network environments.

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