ControlAIR™ - Giving Wi-Fi home networks a gigabit boost to the edge

The digital lifestyle is taking over, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Our device dependence is growing each day with tens of connected devices per household. The growing dependence also increases our expectation that these devices will perform to our satisfaction. With the increase in broadband speed, the overload on access points and the laws of physics which dictate a degraded Wi-Fi signal quality the larger the house, these expectations are sometimes thwarted.

To deliver a true Gbps bi-directional Wi-Fi home network enabling 4K and HD video streaming, video uploads, file shares, cloud storage and more to every device in the home, a new approach has to be taken. This new approach is a move towards a “small cell” Wi-Fi network or “sprinkler” architecture which blankets the home with multiple smart Wi-Fi access points.

ControlAIR™ is a smart multi-AP Wi-Fi controller that enables multiple smart Wi-Fi access points, repeaters, extenders, IoT hubs and gateways to be deployed in the home in harmonious and synchronized co-existence. ControlAIR™ intelligently optimizes performance and connectivity across multi-AP home networks and enables the smart distribution of Wi-Fi capacity for more reliable Wi-Fi communications in wireless home networks. It offers vastly improved coverage, expanded capacity and consistent Gbps speeds that dramatically improve the user experience.

The ControlAIR™ software includes the following modules:

  1. Connectivity management – self-optimizes the effective throughput to each Wi-Fi client device in the home by dynamically steering it to the right access point and even radio band. In addition the module balances loads between the various access points. Working in real time it even allows in-home with minimal effect on the connectivity and user experience.
  2. Radio Resource Management (RRM) – With the unlicensed spectrum becoming more congested with the introduction of 802.11ac Wi-Fi, managing this scarce resource intelligently becomes a necessity. ControlAIR software is dynamically changing the radio parameters of each Access Point in the home to best utilize the available spectrum and ensure perfect co-existence.
  3. Configuration management – “zero touch” provisioning of all access points in the home with correct security credentials, Wi-Fi Channels, Wi-Fi SSID names, etc. to ensure seamless operation and roaming of clients in the home.

The ControlAIR™ software is integrated with Celeno’s Quicksilver product portfolio and is also available for use with RDK-B industry-standard gateway software frameworks.