Channel Aware Scheduling

Channel Aware Technology for Real Time Action

Celeno’s OptimizAIR™ technology is based on the concept of “Spatial Channel Awareness” closed-loop transmission. Basically, every aspect of the system is aware of the Spatial Air Channel quality between the Access Point and every station (client) on a 10ms basis, packet by packet. However, the true uniqueness of the technology is that this channel estimation is done without any protocol collaboration from the client and can even work with a simple single antenna design at the client.

The “Channel Awareness” is based on a sophisticated real-time signaling process that is calculated according to the standard 802.11 messages received from the clients. Thus, the various algorithms in the system predict on a real time basis all transmission parameters, the optimized scheduling and the available throughput of each air channel at all times, with the entire computational burden located only at the access point. This on-time prediction allows OptimizAIR™ enabled systems to adapt to the ever-changing air medium qualities and to overcome Doppler effects caused by moving subjects in the house – achieving superior robustness.