Beamforming to Maximize Range and Coverage

Beamforming is the optimal method to increase reach by concentrating maximum energy at a particular point in space. Beamforming uses multiple, closely spaced antennas to transmit phased signals such that the radiated power towards a particular direction in space is maximized, while canceling interference from other directions. OptimizAIR™ uses breakthrough digital signal processing to implement full blown, real time, beamforming technology that could be best compared to a laser system shooting multiple lasers in all directions. This helps to maximize the reach of the transmission to all areas in the house.

Smart antenna selection provides for signal quality diversity, and is a cure for shadowing effects. Spatial diversity resulting from smart antenna selection (based on novel smart antenna array design) usually outperforms other spatial diversity techniques. For example researches show that spatial multiplexing is inferior to smart antenna selection in long range scenarios. Furthermore, smart antenna selection combined with beam forming yields better robustness and less sensitivity to dead spots compared to a directional antenna array. A smart combination of Beamforming and antenna selection results in a significant link boost at moderate cost.