Evaluation Kit

Wireless Video Extender Evaluation Kit

Celeno offers a range of evaluation platforms that cover our full product portfolio. The evaluations platforms provide a fully functional HD video distribution over the Wi-Fi platform. The evaluation kits include:


  • VXT1820 – Standalone Access Point and Client 5GHz device, 2x3 MIMO
  • VXT 1830 - Standalone Access Point and Client 5GHz device, 3x3 MIMO
  • VXT2831(AP) and VXT2835 (Client) – Standalone Concurrent Dual Band Access Point and Client operating in the 2.4GHz (2x2) and 5GHz bands (3x3)

Integrated Modules

  • VXT2823 - CL1800 SoC based concurrent Dual Band module operating in the 2.4GHz (2x2) and 5GHz bands (3x3)
  • VMD1830 – CL1800 SoC based module operating in the 5GHz band only, 2x3 and 3x3 MIMO
  • CLR260 – Wi-Fi 802.11n PCIe module
  • CLR250 – Wi-Fi 802.11n USB module

With Celeno’s Wireless evaluation kits, residential gateways, media servers and DVR set top boxes can distribute multiple and simultaneous video streams to IP set top boxes, media adapters, iPads and tablets and other Ethernet-equipped networked consumer devices.

Key Features

  • Real time Transmit Digital Beam Forming MIMO
  • Antenna diversity (4 Antenna elements) for maximum robustness
  • Advanced interference detection and fast automatic channel scanning and hopping
  • Advanced regulatory requirements support including Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • DLS support for MR-DVR support
  • WDS support for seamless IPTV network integration
  • WPS for simple setup and security configuration

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